Health & Safety

We are health & safety conscious and environmentally responsible.

At Penguin Pro, we take the health and safety of our employees, client and the public very seriously. We are committed to upholding the strictest health and safety standards, and ensure this through regularly updated training and certification. Penguin Pro complies with all industry air conditioning and refrigeration standards, and in addition to this also commits being environmentally responsible. We believe it is our responsibility as a company to act in the best interests of the environment, and as such ensure we are sustainable wherever possible and always consciously dispose of our surplus or used materials.

We believe that the best health and safety practices begin with education; we are passionate about encouraging our team to actively participate in training and discussion and ensure that our health and safety objectives constantly evolve in response to identifying and evaluating any risks and hazards in the workplace.

All of our installation, servicing and maintenance work is completed by highly trained professional engineers, and larger projects are managed by an experienced on- site project manager. We supply clients with all the necessary certification upon completion of work, so they can rest assured the job has been completed to the highest standard.